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Look!!!! I am appreciate to get the permission from Mr.K to introduce his products here, much different from Marui, Mr.K is very serious in both the appearance and the scale of the guns! You can see those guns there got 2 versions, 1 is model and the other is AEG which they are in same size, unlike Marui, Mr.K's products are all in REAL size! Amazing!! When you try to pull the corking handle and release it, the metal corking sound is just like a music!

P.R.C Type 56 Assault Rifle




A friend of mine is holding a WZ89, cool!

AK Varient, Polish WZ89 Onyks


Limited Edition (10 only) SPAS12

What a pity, I am not really familiar with AKs, if you would like to get more information on Mr. K's products, go to their official website at:

Eagle's Eye of Kalashnikov

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