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Japan Black Hole Airsoft Exhibition 2003

Black Hole - What a famous exhibition in Japan, we just back from the Black Hole show. Here, we have taken some photos for you all to share the show. We found the most attractive product in the Black Hole is the M4 CRANE STOCK replica. Enjoy the photos.

Trip to Taiwan - 2003 Formosa Militaria & Surplus (23, 24 Feb 2003)

23 Feb 2003, Boomarms arrived Taiwan (Taipei) to attend the "2003 Formosa Militaria & Surplus". We are so excited that the exhibition has given us lot of ideas on how Taiwanese treat airsoft, gear, wargame, etc....They are all very serious on it!! We met a lot of new friends there and exchanged airsoft experience without barrier, they are all very friendly, thanks! My Friends!! By the way, we have taken a lot of pictures in the show and would like to share with you guys, click the title and get into our photo gallery of the show now!

Eagle's Eye of Kalashnikov

I have never see people like them that really "AK-minded"!! Mr K, my new friend is a very nice and talkative person, he shows his enthusiastic on AK to me, and I appreciate him very much!! His AK replica is the best I have ever seen, no matter on appearance, internal structure and everything. You can't even distinguish it is only a toy! And this is the first time for me to get a chance to see AK gets so many "varient"... Now, I will lead you guys to Mr. K world of AKs. :)

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