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CowCow Enhanced 13.7mm Piston Head

CowCow Enhanced 13.7mm Piston Head

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- Enhanced Piston Head for Air-Tightness.
- Designed to withstand high impact pressure.
- Stabilized Performance.
- Improved durability over TM piston head
- Compatible with 13.5mm - 13.85mm loading nozzle.

For TM original BBU, CCT B02 Dynamic Blowback Housing (CCT-TMHC-108 & 109) & - -CCT G17 Blow Back Unit (CCT-TMG-044 & 045)

For TM Hi-CAPA/1911, G17 Gen3, G22, G26 & G34 original nozzle, CCT High Flow Aluminum Loading Nozzle (CCT-TMHC-031)
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